Wednesdays 6:30pm @Safeharbor

September 5-November 21
Childcare is provided.
It’s our hope throughout this Bible study that we begin to see that GRACE is never something that is earned, but always something that is received by faith. As a church committed to UNLEASHING THE GOSPEL we would like to invite you to dive deep into this Romans Bible study and UNPACK THE GOSPEL, in such a way that it changes the way you live.
We believe the best way to UNPACK THE GOSPEL is in community, and invite you to join our Roman’s Bible Study on Wednesday’s @Safeharbor, 6:30pm.
If you’d like to keep up with our Roman’s Bible study at home, or if you missed a week @ Safeharbor, we’ve posted the study guides below to help keep you engaged and on track.
(ROMANS 1:1-7)
(ROMANS 1:8-17)