We’re so glad you’ve made a connection at Safeharbor. We believe that God has invited each of us into his great big family, and that Safeharbor is a unique expression of that family in the Sanford/Lake Mary area. Like all families, Safeharbor is imperfect. But because you and your family are becoming a part of ours, Safeharbor is more complete. God has some surprising things for us to live out together.
At our upcoming Discover Safeharbor dinner, we want to help you discover why you belong. You have questions; we have some of the answers. Where did Safeharbor come from? What do we value as a church? How do people grow? How can you help make Safeharbor even more special? What does it mean to belong? We answer these questions and more at Discover Safeharbor. We’ll also introduce you to some of our leaders, get to know you a little better, laugh, and enjoy a good meal.
Discover Safeharbor is truly one of the most enjoyable things we do as a church; but there’s something missing without you.
So, if you’re new to Safeharbor, if you’ve not been to a Discover Safeharbor dinner, if you’ve forgotten why we do what we do, if you’re unsure where you fit, or if you’re just curious why we talk so much about the gospel, we invite you to join us on July 11, 6:30pm for Discover Safeharbor.
Dinner, childcare, surprising stories, and belly-laughs are provided; we simply ask that you register as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Click the sign-up button below to register. See you there!