Our vision for Sunday mornings is that everyone who attends would have an “encounter with grace.” Whether your serving others or hearing the good news about Jesus for the first time, we hope you experience the grace of God all around us.

Below you’ll find information about things happening at Safeharbor over the next few weeks.

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Weekend Message

Is it ok to get angry? If we do get angry how do we respond? Anger is a natural emotion that God has given us all but the challenge is in how we respond when we do get angry. The passage we will explore is Ephesians 4:25-5:2 where we we explore how to manage our emotions when dealing with one another.
If you are watching from home please consider inviting family and friends over to join you or schedule a watch party.
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Tell Us About Yourself

We’re so glad you’re here today!
We’d like to know a little bit about you, so that we can follow up and help you connect here at Safeharbor.
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Now sit back and soak up God’s grace that Jesus came to bring for all of us!

Wednesday Night Bible Study – March 3, 2021

Join us for a Bible study on Wednesday evenings called Rooted in the Word. If you have a desire to dive deeper into God’s word we look forward to seeing you as we get rooted in God’s word.
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Church Meeting

Sunday, March 7, 2021 is an important church meeting that we are requesting all members to attend. This meeting is to conclude the unfinished business from the meeting on February 21st. There was a motion put forward that was seconded in regards to the continuance of two leaders in their positions. The meeting will begin at 11:30a with the meeting being moderated with opportunity for members to speak. We are to be reminded that we must be respectful towards one another and if not those who show disrespect will be asked to leave.  To vote you must be a recognized member of Safeharbor Christian Church in good standing. The meeting will be streamed for those who are not able to attend.

COVID Precautions

In keeping with guidelines from our local leaders, masks are required as you enter the building. You may remove your mask as you take your seat, so long as social distancing is observed.
If you’re not able to join us in-person, we’d love for you to tune in live!. Visit www.safeharbor-church.org/live

Giving at Safeharbor

Give online at www.safeharbor-church.org/give or download the Church Center App.
At Safeharbor we want to live generously as an expression of our growing faith in Christ. Generosity is about the way we freely and wisely give what God has graciously given to us–our time, influence, energy, wealth, and abilities. One big way to practice generosity is by giving consistently and sacrificially to the church family in which you participate.
2021 Giving Goal: $139,540.00
Weekly Need: $2,683.50
Week of 2/21/21: $730.16 ($1953.34)
Year to Date: $8,987.91 ($12,480.09)

Church Survey Letter

We will send out a letter to all who were not able to respond to the church survey by email. It will include a stamped envelope where you can mail the survey to the church office.  We are inviting everyone to complete this survey to help us plan and anticipate participation. Our goal is to become a healthy, thriving church and your input is not only beneficial but valued.  If you have any questions please call the church office at 407-322-0980.